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Starr Hill Brewery | Four Kings IPA 12 Pack – 2017

Boy do we have something special on deck this evening! About this time last year Starr Hill put a limited edition IPA 12 pack out with a base IIPA and three variants. We got to check it out and loved it. Those beers were The King of Hop Imperial IPA, King of Hop Lemon Lime, King of Hop Grapefruit and King of Hop Habanero. This year they’ve done it again but they’ve changed things up a bit. While the predominant king  IIPA, King of Hop Imperial IPA is still in contention, there are three new variants – let’s check them out.

King of Hop Imperial IPA: So first, let’s reorient ourselves with the King of Hop Imperial IPA. This beer pours a dark golden, very clear, excellent moderate head that does linger and is easily agitated. On the nose I find citrus, pine and a dank catty note. On the tongue the citrus sweet notes prevail while the pine fades into the distance. This beer as a moderate body that coats the mouth well. 7.5% ABV – it’s not a beer to be taken lightly but can go down quickly

Source: Knox Beer Snobs

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