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Starr Hill Brewery | Warm Up Winter Ale

Cold, hot. Cold, hot. Is it winter or not?! Such is life in East Tennessee. I’ve heard people joke that if you don’t like the weather in Tennessee, just give it a few hours. Many of us know what that means! That said, it is winter time and there’s nothing quite like a winter ale and a nice roaring fire – one of my favorite parts of the season!

On deck this evening we have a winter ale from our friends in Crozet, the Starr Hill Warm Up Winter Ale. This beer pours amber to dark amber, low to medium head that lingers around the edges. Immediately on the nose I find nutmeg with vanilla hiding behind it. These two flavors are predominant on the palate with a touch of cinnamon. There are some toast notes from the malts to be found as well. I can also find some slight bitter notes from the hops. The body of this beer is medium and coats the mouth very nicely as it lingers, leaving some great vanilla notes on the tongue.

Final snobs: Where has this beer been all winter?! At 6.1% ABV this is a

Source: Knox Beer Snobs

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