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Wisconsin Brewery Tour
Wisconsin Brewery Tour

Summer Brewery Tour of Wisconsin

This summer we are about to embark on a Brewery Tour to the State of Wisconsin as a follow-up to our Michigan brewery tour during the summer of 2013.

Wisconsin Brewery Tour
Wisconsin Brewery Tour

The original inspiration for this trip was tasting a fantastic beer called Serendipity by New Glarus Brewing at GABF 2013 last October. From that starting point we incorporated Madison due to the great things we have heard about their Craft Beer scene.

Milwaukee was a natural addition due to not only their brewing history but also their transition from a Macro brewing town into a Craft Beer go to city.

Three Floyds Brewing have built a big reputation due to their annual Dark Lord Day event so this was an easy stop to incorporate with their brewpub being just off Interstate 80.

We heard Andy Tveekrem from Nano Brew and Market Garden Brewing speak at NHC 2013 in Philadelphia so thought it was about time to go pay them a visit.

Here is the rundown of our trip (letters refer to the map):

  • State College, PA – ‘A’ is our departure point (not shown on map).
  • Madison, WI – ‘B’ is our first destination in Wisconsin for 2 nights, here we plan on visiting Granite City Food & Brewery, Great Dale (Hilldale), and Vintage Brewing.
  • New Glarus, WI – ‘C’ is our second destination in Wisconsin for 1 night in order to visit New Glarus Brewing.
  • Milwaukee, WI – ‘D’ is our last destination in Wisconsin for 3 nights, here we plan on visiting Lakefront Brewery, Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery, Water Street Brewery, Milwaukee Ale House, and Milwaukee Brewing Company.
  • Munster, IN – ‘E’ is our overnight stop in Indiana to visit Three Floyds Brewing.
  • Cleveland, OH – ‘F’ is our overnight stop in Ohio to visit Nano Brew, and Market Garden Brewery.

If you see us during our trip then come over and say hi and we’ll shout you a beer. Look out for our follow-up Brewery Review articles after the tour and if you have any comments or suggestions please post them below.

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