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The bracket battle for the best brewery patio of 2020 begins now

It is truly patio season, in more ways than one this year. The global pandemic aside, this is truly patio season at all of our state’s craft breweries and offsite taprooms. The weather is (mostly) not too scorching hot, there occasional monsoon provides some cooling rain, and overall is a rather lovely time for a pint outdoors. Of course, ...

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New cans and collaborations are coming soon to Steel Bender Brewyard

Let’s start saying good-bye to summer with the first marzens of fall! Other than the occasional pickup of a takeout order of food and/or beer, it had been a while since any of the Crew had set foot inside (well, on the patio) at Steel Bender. I rectified that Wednesday with a quick trip over for lunch, photos, and interviews with head bre ...

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Hops Brewery still alive and kicking at its Los Ranchos taproom

Though the Nob Hill location is closed, you can still get a pint at Hops Brewery’s taproom in Los Ranchos. A while back, we had heard Hops Brewery was closed in Nob Hill, but there was clear evidence that the taproom at 7222 Fourth Street NW was still up and running. Seeking a little clarity on the overall status of the two-location setup ...

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Susan’s Fine Wine and Spirits weathers shutdown and continues to serve the craft beer community through this storm of uncertainty

Santa Fe’s best bottle shop is hanging in there. Susan’s Fine Wine and Spirits has been serving Santa Fe since 2005, and since then, they’ve seen a lot of trends in the beer, wine, and liquor industries. For instance, this crazy concept called craft beer becoming a thing, and taking off like no one had ever imagined. The owner ...

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Ex Novo takes Whole Foods on a ride to Hoptown

This is truly a hoppy time of year, is it not? (Photo courtesy of Ex Novo) Every now and again, we get a heads up that a new beer is coming, only to then get a second notice that it will be held back a bit. Oftentimes, that just makes us more excited for the brew in question. In the case of Ex Novo, they teased us with Lords of Hoptown, a new d ...

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