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Talisman Beer Preview

A happy Monday to you all! This morning I was able to obtain the some of the labels for the upcoming beers from Ogden’s (soon to be online) Talisman Brewing Company. The labels hold true to the brewery’s Celtic themes, with names and images that reflect the history of the Emerald Island as well as our own local roots.

These initial offerings will all be “high point” beers with varying ABVs

Iron Age Oatmeal Stout (pictured above) will be a stout full of rich cocoa flavor with the added  silkiness from oats.

 Bel’s Fury is a Red Ale that will shine with sweet fruity malts and a to be determined hop bill.

 Promontory Pale Ale will be a tradition American Style pale ale full of caramel, pine and citrus

 The Kreation Krystalweizen will be a filtered Wheat ale full of banana and clove esters

The Dagda will be a standard America IPA


Images Provided by Shipcompient.com

Source: Utah Beer

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