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Tennessee Brew Works

You plant a seed. An idea. It is given water, fuel, the opportunity to grow. It pushes through the soil, breaks the surface, battles the elements, is trampled upon, springs back, rained upon, grows stronger, taller, blooms….

It wasn’t quite a year ago I stood in that warehouse at 809 Ewing Avenue in Nashville looking at the polished equipment, shiny, new, expensive. The remainder of the brewery, tasting room, office, lay in various stages of dreams with electrical cords and wood scattered about. Christian Spears walked us through the building and like a painter he brushed the strokes that brought the dream alive in vivid detail, with passion and purpose, contagious in his vision….I saw it and grew excited too. The beer stood alone…quite literally on a pallet of mixed kegs, close but away from the painting. However, each was very unique from the other, separate in their uniqueness but crisp and purposeful just like the man who shared his vision.

As I approached the building on Ewing av

Source: Knox Beer Snobs

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