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Texas brewery reform & Start your own Brewery

Texas brewery reform

Lone Star State
Lone Star State

Following our recent article on Alabama & Mississippi Homebrewing legislation last week, it is now the turn of Texas to pass new laws affecting the rights of Breweries & Brewpubs to self-distribute their own beer.

Since the end of Prohibition the US has had in place the three-tier distribution system to control how alcohol is distributed from production to consumption – this follows a chain from the Producers (i.e. Breweries), through wholesale Distributors onto Retailers. The aim of this three-tier system is in theory to restrict the control that the producers have over the end consumers. There are many arguments regarding how effective this is…

Within Texas changes have been made regarding certain limitations that have been in place within the State and here are some of the highlights:

  • Breweries will be able to sell limited quantities of their beers to consumers on-site i.e. through Tasting rooms. Not for off-site sales such as Growlers.
  • Brewpubs can self-distribute limited quantities of beer to other bars and retailers.

For further details on this please see:

Starting Your Own Brewery

Starting Your Own Brewery
Starting Your Own Brewery

Which Homebrewer doesn’t dream of starting their own brewery? Well before you take the leap of faith and join the 1200+ others currently in the early stages of following their dreams it might be worth checking out the latest 2nd Edition of Starting Your Own Brewery by Dick Cantwell of Elysian Brewing Company. This book, published by the Brewers Association, covers “ingredients, financing, business plans, quality assurance, distribution, waste water, sustainability practices and more”.

Recently Dick Cantwell held a Q&A session at the Craft Brewers Conference and covered such topics as:

  •  What is the greatest challenge to starting a brewery at a time when so many are doing the same thing?
  • What do you see as underserved niches right now?
  • How about geography? Any holes on the craft beer map that need filling?
  • What do you mean by the term “pub brewers” and why do you think they have an opening?
  • Have you seen any signs of decline in this current wave of new breweries?

For answers to the above questions and more details on the Q&A session please visit:

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