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The Aftermath of Maryland HB 1283

As DCBeer covered last month, this year’s Maryland legislative session saw the introduction of several bills that would significantly change brewery regulations in the state. Unfortunately for the craft beer industry, the bill that wound up unanimously passing the House was HB 1283. In its original format, the bill would have limited tap room hours, harmed the practice of contract brewing, made collaborations more difficult, and allowed counties to have far more control in determining whether a brewery would be allowed to conduct on-premise sales at all. After its surprise passage in the House, the bill moved to the Senate, where the Brewers Association of Maryland (BAM) was able to rally its members and alter some of the more objectionable parts of HB 1283. For a good play-by-play breakdown of the legislative fight, take a look at Naptown Pint’s coverage.

Thanks to the large number of phone calls from constituents like you, the lobbying efforts of BAM, and pushback from Comptroller Pe

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