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The Hawaii Fresh Hop Round Up 2015

Honolulu Beerworks Geoff Seideman Fresh Hops

It’s hop harvest season in the Pacific Northwest and that means fresh hop beers. While Portland is awash in fresh hop beers for this weekends Fresh Hop Fest, Hawaii craft beer fans will also get the chance to try a number of beers brewed with hops that were less than 36 hours old. Last year, Honolulu Beerworks and Kauai Beer Company were the only two local breweries to contract with hop farms to have freshly picked hops packed and shipped to the islands.

This year, four local breweries are diving into the fresh lupulin madness. HBW and Kauai Beer are at it again and new comers Lanikai Brewing Company and Waikiki Brewing Company have also brewed up batches. There will be FIVE wet hop beers in the state of Hawaii this year. That’s a lot of green hops on FedEx planes!

Here’s a quick round up of each of the beers from our local breweries. Unfortunately, you’ll have to go to Kauai to try KBC’s version.

Honolulu Beerworks Fresh Hops

Honolulu Beerworks 

This year brewer and owner Geoff Seideman decided to order double t

Source: Beer in Hawaii

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