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The Montana Brewery Passport

With great pleasure, I announce the official launch of the Montana Brewery Passport program. The website is live (http://www.montanabrewerypassport.com), as is the official Montana Brewery Passport Facebook page; the passports are available for purchase; and custom stamps are currently being sent to all Montana’s breweries. For those who supported the passport’s Kickstarter project, those premiums are being fulfilled this week.

What’s the Montana Brewery Passport? It is a custom printed journal to keep track of your visits to Montana’s craft breweries (all 47, and counting!). Also included in the journal is a glossary of beer terms, a how-to-taste beer guide, common hops, “Did You Know?” quips, how to toast in different languages, and games to play!

Each passport is 48 pages, measures 5″x7″ and is printed on post-consumer stock (i.e. 100% recycled and recyclable). They are available online and will soon make their way into select retail outlets and breweries (If you want to carry these a …

Source: Montana Beer Finder

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