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The time has come for Stout Challenge IV: The Overload

Greetings, everyone, on this snowy Friday. Do be careful out there tonight when in pursuit of beer. Stuff is melting but not evaporating, so that means sheets of ice. And New Mexico drivers are bad enough without ice under their tires, so go slow if you desperately need some nocturnal pints.

Scenes from the 2014 Stout Challenge shall be repeated this Sunday before the Super Bowl.

By Sunday, though, all should be nice and clear in time for the Dark Side Brew Crew to gather at Franz Solo’s house and resume our annual Super Bowl tradition, The Stout Challenge. As we have for the past three years, we will be rounding up every brewery’s “house” stout, be it oatmeal, dry, or this year even milk stout (no imperial stouts or coffee stouts is the lone rule). In a few cases, if a notable brewery has a seasonal stout that fits the criteria on tap, we might let them in as well.

Based on the most recent edition of The Week Ahead in Beer, this will be the stout lineup all of us (sans Brandon, more o

Source: NM Dark Side Brew Crew

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