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The Week Ahead in Beer: St. Patrick’s on a Friday could be epic

Greetings, New Mexico craft beer lovers. Stoutmeister here with The Week Ahead in Beer. This column covers all the breweries in Bernalillo and Sandoval counties, with Santa Fe’s six breweries, one in Socorro, one in Los Alamos, and one in Moriarty also joining the party.

Stoutmeister puts on his serious face to handle The Week Ahead in Beer.

St. Patrick’s Day falls on a Friday this year, which could be awesome. Or it could be our collective end of times. Hey, if you’re gonna go out in style, this is probably the day to do it. But, seriously, please stick around. There’s still a lot of hockey to be played, Amorphis is coming to Launchpad in April, Iron Maiden is here in June, and there is a lot of beer for us all to drink up. All told, 16 breweries/taprooms in the Albuquerque area have announced plans for everything from special beers to food to live music and more, and even more breweries may secretly have something up their sleeves.

  • Ale Republic will have food and drink specials and l

Source: NM Dark Side Brew Crew

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