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Toltec Brewing brings its new head brewer full circle

Brewer Brandon Venaglia has taken the reins at Toltec Brewing after a long stint at Bathtub Row in Los Alamos.

Brandon Venaglia is back in his old neighborhood.

The well-traveled brewer, who went from Back Alley Drafthouse to Cazuela’s to Bathtub Row, has taken the open job at Toltec Brewing on the West Side of Albuquerque.

“I went to Cibola High School,” he said, shaking his head. “I went all around the United States and I ended up a thousand feet from where I went to high school. It’s kind of cool. I like the feeling of being back in my hometown.”

Venaglia said it was the pandemic that ultimately pushed him to leave Bathtub Row and take over at Toltec for Kaylynn McKnight, who stepped down last September.

“We moved down (to Albuquerque) actually right before the pandemic happened,” Venaglia said. “That week after Stout Invitational (last February). We thought we were only going to be down for a little while, and then the pandemic hit and we got stuck. I just kept c

Source: NM Dark Side Brew Crew

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