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Uinta’s Free Form Gluten Free Beers

Uinta Brewing is getting into the Gluten Free game, y’all. Actually they’ve been in the game for a while, tweaking and modifying their new line of beers – making sure they’re good to go. The initial packaging will be 12oz. bottles and draft.

Their first offering will be Free Form IPA. This 100% gluten free IPA dials in at 4.0% ABV. It utilizes Citra and Ella hops impart a bright and tropical essence to what is described as an “exceptionally thirst quenching and well-rounded Gluten-Free brew”. Also coming soon is the Free Form Belgian-style Blonde will hit at the same ABV and contain Sterling & Opal hops, coriander and orange peel.

I know real gluten free beers aren’t in everybody’s wheelhouse, but they fill a niche for people who aren’t able to enjoy malt beverages. If you’ve had them out of state, share your thoughts.

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Source: Utah Beer

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