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We’re Giving Away a Pair of SAVOR Tickets

We know that feeling. Utterly lost. Despairing. Waking up in the middle of the night clutching a tear-soaked pillow. Unable to focus during the day. Hands clammy. Nose running. Your very existence feeling stale and your thoughts constantly replaying missed opportunities.

Or maybe you just really wanted to go to SAVOR but couldn’t be bothered to hit refresh over and over to try to get tickets.

Either way we’ve got a remedy for you. Although if the first paragraph actually describes you, um, well, we hope things improve for you soon?

On Friday, April 25 at 12pm EST, DCBeer will give away a pair of tickets on Twitter to SAVOR’s Friday session (May 9, 2014).

How will this work? We’re getting there. Simmer down.

Starting at 12pm EST, we will tweet a clue about a mystery beer every five minutes. The first person to tweet us the name of the beer we’re describing will win the tickets.

Each Twitter account gets only two guesses. After you’ve given made two incorrect guesses, you will be ineligi

Source: DC Beer.

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