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Wet Hop Beers Limited in the 2019 Season

Smaller harvests mean fewer wet hop beers

It’s harvest season, and beer is an agricultural product that includes harvesting hops. Breweries usually purchase hops from a supplier, sometimes even visiting hop fields or processing plants as part of the decision-making process.

We dry hop our Ignite IPA with Oregon grown citra hops. The just-harvested hops behind our entire brewing & production team (both pictured) will be making their way into batches of Ignite shortly. Come by the taproom to try Ignite and 11 other delicious drafts. pic.twitter.com/gRuSYa6ZgC

— Hellbender BrewingCo (@HellbenderBeer) September 21, 2019

Hops from suppliers are usually dried, or “kilned,” and often pelletized, before being used in a beer. A very small percentage of hops, however, are picked fresh and immediately added to beer, which is called a “wet hop” beer. Wet hopped beers are usually very flavorful and more aromatic with sharp or earthy notes. 

Making a wet hop beer can take a lot of effort. La

Source: DC Beer

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