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Wisdom for Home Brewers
Wisdom for Home Brewers

Wisdom For Home Brewers by Ted Bruning & Nigel Sadler

500 Tips & Recipes for Making Great Beer

Wisdom for Home Brewers
Wisdom for Home Brewers

With craft breweries, micro-breweries, and beer television shows like, Beer Geeks and Brew Dogs popping up everywhere, it’s pretty clear beer is it! Now you can pour over expert advice and get to know your beer in WISDOM FOR HOME BREWER: 500 Tips & Recipes for Making Great Beer by Ted Bruning & Nigel Sadler (The Taunton Press; September 2014; $21.95; Hardcover) – the definitive guide for novices and experienced home brewers alike. For the first time since before Prohibition, home brewing is legal in all 50 states! Now you can cook up community sample swaps, competitions, and in some cases small-scale production at pubs.

This beautifully presented collection of 500 tips, plus basic beer-making recipes, is a must-have reference tool. Novices will enjoy advice on jump-starting your hobby with simple $50 brewing kits, while brew masters, who have been honing their skills over the years – searching out new ingredients and experimenting with blending style – will also love the expert instruction on every page.

Tips are divided into 10 chapters covering everything from equipment and ingredients to troubleshooting and storage, plus basic recipes for different types of beer. Some of the tips include things like:

  • Basic Training: Tip# 2 – Count how many kinds of beer you’ve had in the last month
  • Hops and Other Flavorings: Tip# 133 – Don’t plant out until after the last frost
  • Fermentation and Maturation: Tip #272 – Infect your beer with bacteria
  • Bottling and Kegging: Tip# 318 – Keg your beer for longevity, freshness, and sparkle

The essential tips are accompanied by simple annotated diagrams and charming, specially commissioned prints by printmaker Melvyn Evans. This book is an irresistible gift for both the beginner and experienced home brewer, as well as a must-have sourcebook for the more than 1 million Americans who enjoy home brewing.


About the Authors

Ted Bruning is an award-winning beer and brewery writer who has been writing on the topic for over 20 years. He worked on the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) membership newspaper for 13 years and was the editor of CAMRA’s What’s Brewing for 8 years. Bruning is the author of Historic Pubs of London; Historic Inns of England; Home Brewing: A guide to making your own beer, wine, and cider; and The Microbrewers’ Handbook (now in its 4th edition).

Nigel Sadler founded Wibbler’s Brewery in Essex (England) in 2007 after 20 years as a home brewer. A founding member of the UK’s Craft Brewers’ Association, he continues to write and lecture on home brewing and is a director of Learn2Brew, an on-line training resource for home brewers. He was also UK Beer Sommelier of the Year 2012.

*** Beer Infinity will be posting a review of this book later in September ***

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