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Wynkoop’s Day of Darks 2017: Recap

November: the month we set back the clocks and darkness creeps in. The weather becomes chilly, and thoughts turn to the coming winter. While some may fall into a bit of a funk this time of year, beer drinkers everywhere get excited about stouts, porters, and barrel-aged beers. And what better way to celebrate than Day of Darks at Wynkoop?!

Day of Darks 2017 was on Saturday, November 18th. I’ve attended this event for the last few years. As a stout lover, this fest is especially enjoyable to me, and I always look forward to checking out all the new dark beers as well as revisiting some of my old favorites.

Wynkoop really knows how to put on a beer fest. Day of Darks was sold out, yet I didn’t find myself waiting in lines or fighting to get through the crowds. It was just the right amount of breweries (approximately 36), beers (around 85) and attendees. Additionally, I think the duration (four hours) is perfect; there are no worries about missing out on any of the beers if you don’t ge

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