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15 Thoughts Everyone Has at the Vermont Brewers Festival

Today is Brewfest Day! And to celebrate, here’s our list of things that go through every attendee’s mind during their session. Do you agree with our list?

1. The excitement you feel when you first see the tents as you’re making your way to the waterfront…

2. …and then realizing how bored you are waiting in line to get your I.D. checked.

3. When the horn is about to go off signaling the start of your session.

4. When the horn does go off, and it feels like the Black Friday of beer.

5. Promising yourself that you’ll take your time and really taste every sample.

6. When you see the lines for Lawson’s and the Alchemist.

7. When you discover a beer that’s just. So. Good.

8. When you’re in line for a certain beer and the keg kicks before you get to try it.

9. When you see your friend in the line next to you.

10. When you’re starting to feel it.

11. When you buy some of the food you’ve been smelling all session and it’s finally ready.

12. Trying to find a place to relax in t

Source: Vermont on Tap

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