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A cider wins State Fair Pro-Am, beer drinkers weep

Despite the title above, I don’t mind a good cider every now and again. But, seriously, a cider won a beer competition?

That was the case with this year’s State Fair Pro-Am competition for professional brewers. Santa Sidra’s A Tad Sweet was named Best of Show. Congrats to the folks at Santa Sidra, we’re sure they’re making good stuff, but come on, Pro-Am judges. SERIOUSLY?!

This year’s State Fair Pro-Am results are finally posted.

All right, moving on from all that, here are the results boiled down into some nice stats. Hey, I cover a lot of baseball, numbers are a part of the game. Categories (typically) had a gold, silver, and bronze. No brewery won more than three golds, achieved by Blue Corn, Cazuela’s, Santa Fe, and Sierra Blanca/Rio Grande. Three Rivers won the most overall medals with seven (four silver, three bronze).

A breakdown, of sorts.

Abbey Brewing: 1 gold, 1 silver, 2 bronze

B2B Bistronomy: 1 goal, 1 bronze

Back Alley: 2 gold, 2 bronze

Blue Corn: 3 gold, 2 bronze


Source: NM Dark Side Brew Crew

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