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A fond farewell to a great brewer and an even better friend

A sign of a good friend is when he travels with you to a road soccer game five hours away. From left, Brandon, Wes Burbank, Stoutmeister, and Erin at a pub in Colorado Springs, waiting on the shots the NM United owner bought us.

Over the years, the Brew Crew has met many people we consider friends throughout the brewing industry. Most of those folks become a sort of friendly acquaintance, someone we will sit and have a beer with, bump into at concerts, or join in cheering on New Mexico United and/or the Isotopes.

Sometimes, though, we find an honest-to-goodness real friend among all the wonderful people in the brewing industry. We all know that we found a true friend when that person says it is time to move on, and we all endure that simultaneous sense of being happy for them and their career, but we are also sad to know that we will not see them regularly anymore.

The brewer in question here is Wes Burbank, whom we all first met at Rowley Farmhouse Ales in Santa Fe, and the

Source: NM Dark Side Brew Crew

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