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ABQ Beer Week: Steel Bender ramps up number of varied events

There will be plenty of events at Steel Bender during ABQ Beer Week.

ABQ Beer Week 2019 is upon us with a true blitzkrieg of funky events and new brews, and a Los Ranchos brewery is right at the heart of it. Steel Bender Brewyard is embracing its neighborhood roots by branching out across the city, while still staying close to home. 

“We really did want to build a place to ‘brew,’ that’s where our tag line comes from,“ said Steel Bender marketing director/co-owner Shelby Chant. “Yes, to brew the beer, but to brew with your friends, to brew up a great idea, to brew up your next vacation.” 

Steel Bender is kicking off ABQ Beer Week today (Thursday) with the release of their new beer, Stay Golden Ale, an English-style summer ale brewed with lemon peel. Then on Friday, SBB sales reps will be at Jubilation Beer, Wine, & Spirits’ Wild and Sour beer tasting event along with with Rowley Farmhouse Ales and Bow & Arrow Brewing. 

Among several in-house celebrations, Steel Bender h

Source: NM Dark Side Brew Crew

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