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Ale Republic re-brands itself to become Rumor Brewing

The only brewery in Cedar Crest has changed its name and brand.

That which was rumored is now fact. After operating as Ale Republic since its inception, the only brewery in the East Mountains/Cedar Crest area is now Rumor Brewing.

We caught up with owner Patrick Johnson over lunch to discuss this move, which he had hinted to us was in the works in a series of brief conversations over the last few months.

“These changes take a long time to implement,” Johnson said. “I intentionally didn’t tell anybody and kept it on the DL. We really changed everything last October. It’s been Rumor since then.

“I’ve had the domain for Rumor for years. It was for fun, Rumor Brewing, it’s kind of a pun. I thought it was kind of catchy. Ale Republic was something I started with Zach (Gould). When he left the company last October, I just decided to refresh and rebrand. Kind of take the whole brewing in a more streamlined direction. Before, it was kind of hodgepodge, just do whatever whenever.

Source: NM Dark Side Brew Crew

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