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All hail the power of the Pastry Slayer

We did another collab with one of our local breweries, but this one is in cans!

The Crew went and made another collaboration beer with one of our local breweries. The twist? Well, this one is going in cans, and we finally made use of Derek’s professional filming skills to shoot this full video.

Pastry Slayer Imperial Stout: A collaboration with Bow and Arrow Brewing and Dark Side Brew Crew

The genesis of this beer began with a conversation between Erin and Franz Solo about their favorite German-style desserts. Marzipan came up, and inevitably that led to the idea of making a stout, which should come as no surprise because we have been around for eight-plus years and our M.O. is pretty well established by now.

Enter Bow & Arrow Brewing and head brewer Ted O’Hanlan, who had been preparing to launch a series of imperial stouts in cans over the colder months. We brought up the idea of a marzipan stout to Ted, he liked it, and the process of creating a suitable recipe soon began. At the tim

Source: NM Dark Side Brew Crew

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