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All I want for Christmas…

While gold, frankincense, and myrrh are traditional Christmas gifts, times have changed—especially in Colorado, home to around 300 craft breweries. So for the beer lover(s) on your shopping list, there is definitely no shortage of excellent local beers, a gift any beer enthusiast is sure to appreciate. With that in mind, let me introduce you to the three items that top my list this year: Epic Brewing Company‘s Big Bad Baptist, Double Barrel Big Bad Baptist, and Big Bad Baptista.

Big Bad Baptist is an Imperial Stout aged in whiskey/bourbon barrels and infused with coffee and cacao nibs. While it’s not a brand new beer, every batch is distinct, as each one gets a different dose of coffee. This year, it contains coffee from three different roasters: Blue Copper Coffee (Salt Lake City), Novo Coffee (Denver), and Dark Horse Coffee (San Diego).

As if Big Bad Baptist wasn’t enough, Epic really outdid themselves this year with two new creations.

Double Barrel Big Bad Baptist is the perfect b

Source: Colorado Beer Girl

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