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Aloha Beer Company Re-opening in Kakaako


Honolulu, Hawai’i, November 11, 2016 –  Aloha Beer Company is proud to announce their new brewery and Tap Room at 700 Queen Street. Kaka’ako was once home to Hawai’i’s booming beer business from 1900 to the late 1960s and Aloha Beer’s new production facility and Tap Room is located a stone’s throw from the Historic Honolulu Brewing and Malting Company Building at 553 Queen Street and blocks away from the former site of Primo’s Cooke Street Brewery. The opening means the return of the production of Aloha Beer to Oahu and an opportunity to establish a new future for the brewery.

Local businessman Steve Sombrero and noted brewer Dave Campbell are spearheading the efforts at Aloha Beer’s new brewery and Tap Room. Brewery production began in late October with the Tap Room scheduled to open in mid-December. The location on Queen Street marks Campbell’s return to his personal brewing roots in Kaka’ako. He establishe

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