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An ode to the season of the wet hop beers in New Mexico

Life is better when you can get wet hop beers to go, like this here Fresh Hop Eliot IPA, available for a limited time at Ex Novo!

The other day a series of videos were posted by the folks at Bathtub Row Brewing in Los Alamos that showed the harvesting of the fresh, wet hops for their Ancones Wet Hop IPA. That was followed by Wednesday’s surprise arrival of Fresh Hop Eliot IPA at Ex Novo Brewing in Corrales (it was made at the Portland brewery).

Yes, wet hop season is upon us, a sometimes overlooked happy start to the fall season that is traditionally dominated by Oktoberfest-style lagers and, eventually, those pesky pumpkin beers.

For those new to craft beer, or at least the brewing process, most hops are dried and pelletized for longer shelf life, always stored cold. The bulk of all beers are brewed year-round with these hops. Every year, however, some of the hops are purchased whole and fresh, and then thrown into beers around the country to create some of the most unique brews of th

Source: NM Dark Side Brew Crew

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