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Bathtub Row Brewing survives and thrives during the pandemic

Head brewer David Seymour has quickly made himself at home in Los Alamos. (Photo courtesy of Bathtub Row Brewing Co-op)

Well, 2021 is gone, and many would say good riddance. The COVID vaccines arrived and brought us a bit of a return to normality, but even still, COVID continued to affect businesses and consumers. But, for Bathtub Row Brewing Co-op, 2021 wasn’t that bad, and 2022 is shaping up to be even bigger and better.

I sat down in early February with David Seymour, the head brewer at Bathtub Row (AKA “the Tub”). David has only been on the job for about seven months, but he’s already had a big impact on brewing operations. Fortunately, he and his family love living in the area, with all of its hiking and outdoor activities, good food, and wonderful people. From talking to David, it’s clear that he also has a love for the art and science of beer-making.

As we mentioned in the intro, though the first half of 2021 was challenging, the Tub actually had a pretty normal second

Source: NM Dark Side Brew Crew

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