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Beer Notes: Ex Novo makes a big change to its year-round lineup

Meet the first in a new series of fruited sours taking the place of Cactus Wins the Lottery. (Image courtesy of Ex Novo)

While working on some longer features, a bunch of beer notes materialized on the proverbial desk that are in need of publication. Here we go …

Ex Novo replaces one of its staples

Every week, I receive a copy of the New Mexico Brewers Guild’s newsletter via email. Down at the bottom are brewery classifieds, featuring everything from job openings to items for sale or trade. Recently, I noticed that Ex Novo was offering up a whole lot of prickly pear juice. My first thought was that somehow they ordered too much, or perhaps sales of Cactus Wins the Lottery had gone down during the pandemic.

Instead, it turned out that Cactus’ time in the everyday lineup was coming to an end. As confirmed by Ex Novo founder/president Joel Gregory, rather than keeping the sour ale on as a year-round offering, it will instead become part of a rotating series of sours.

“As far as the choice

Source: NM Dark Side Brew Crew

Read the full article here.

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