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Best of the (Brew) Fest plus other notes from one wild afternoon

No one got sunburned!

St. Bob’s Imperial Stout ’07, the best of the Brew Fest 2014.

Well, that’s how we all looked back on NM Brew Fest 5 after a long, rough Sunday (our football teams, real and fantasy, didn’t help our hangovers, either). OK, we also looked back at the many great beers we drank and how much fun we had. From the VIP barrel-aged beginning all the way through to the end, this was one of the best festivals of the year. The fact it was almost entirely local didn’t hurt. It was great to see all the familiar faces from the breweries together in one place.

Kudos to the Brew Fest organizers for combining the VIP early entry with the barrel-aged beers. It was a wonderful beginning, and that extra span of time gave us all a chance to actually enjoy the beers rather than feel like we were pressed for time to get from station to station. So if we absolutely positively had to rank the best of the fest (barrel-aged only) …

1. Canteen’s St. Bob’s Imperial Stout ’07

2. Marble’s Imperi

Source: NM Dark Side Brew Crew

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