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Breaking Down Hawaii’s New Growler Law


It’s been a few weeks now since the passing of HB770, or more widely known as the Hawaii Growler Law. When I announced the potential new law and its signing into law by the governor there was a ton of fan fair. Hawaii beer fans rejoiced and flooded the Beer In Hawaii Facebook post with dozens of happy comments. Finally residents of Hawaii will be able to fill growlers with beer from any tap handle at any participating bar or restaurant, not just brewpubs and breweries was the general response.

The new law seemed like a huge step forward for consumers in Hawaii and it might prove to be one, but new things take some time to get going. Now remember, Hawaii residents have been able to fill growlers at breweries and brewpubs for many years. This new law added the ability for those breweries to fill growlers with beer other than their own. A small advance for breweries, but not really a huge leap considering that most breweries want to sell their own beer because they make more money on it.

Source: Beer in Hawaii

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