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Brewed: A Coffee and Beer Workshop at Epic Brewing

This is an event not to be missed!

Saturday January 24 at Epic Brewing in Denver

Brewed – a coffee and beer workshop
Join brewers and coffee roasters for a discussion on coffee, beer and the confluence of the two. After the discussion, you get to have fun creating your own blends of various coffees and beers to find your favorite combinations.

It’s uncertain who first thought up the concept to add coffee to beer, but we must admit, it was a hell of an idea. Before we knew it, coffee stouts and porters were showing up in craft brewery tasting room and on liquor store shelves. The roastiness of the coffee was a perfect match for those big roasty notes of the black beers craft brewers were creating…but is there even more potential with different exciting coffee characteristics and beer styles?

Join us as we explore the confluence of where beer and coffee meet. Local coffee roasters and Local brewers will be on hand to discuss what they’re doing individually and lead in

Source: Colorado Beer Girl

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