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Brewery in Planning: Kailua Brewing Company

Kailua Brewing Company Hawaii

Hawaii has a pretty sizable brewing scene that is actually a lot more active than most realize. There are dozens of aspiring brewers that have their dreams set on opening new breweries and providing the islands with great craft beer. Between the millions of visitors to the islands each year and the growing number of locals who are enjoying craft beer, there is a large audience to serve. Here I’ll profile some of the faces and companies that are working towards opening new breweries in Hawaii.

Company: Kailua Brewing Company

Brewery founders: Dustin Gomes & Netha Smoot

Hometown: We’re both from Kailua, Oahu

How did you get started brewing?
Dustin: It all started when Netha bought me a Rogue Dead Guy Ale homebrew kit for my birthday in August 2009.

Netha: I just thought it would be a fun thing for him to do on his free time since he was getting into craft beer at the time. He’s a pretty good cook with a great palate, so I thought he’d have some fun experimenting with some brews.

When did

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