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Broken Trail shakes things up with new brewer

Things have gotten so busy at Broken Trail that a new brewer has been added to the roster.

My running joke with Matt Simonds, owner of Broken Trail Spirits & Brew, is that at least once a year he has to totally change up some part of the operation. Recently, Matt needed more space at the original location on Stanford for his increased production — especially for contract production of a nationally distributed, canned Moscow Mule — so he shut down that taproom to bring in more equipment, etc. And now, apparently, Matt deemed it was time to hire a new full-time brewer. He decided to keep it in the neighborhood and bring on David Rosebeary from right down the street at Cantero Brewing Company.

So, I headed over to have a casual chat with Matt and David about this new partnership. I was curious who approached whom, and what prompted the move for David. As it happens, there was no big crisis or bad breakup. It was due to an organically evolving relationship, mixed with a bit of serendipity.

Source: NM Dark Side Brew Crew

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