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Capturing the sights of the 9th annual New Mexico Brew Fest

Cheers to the beers!

Man, the weather sure turned, didn’t it? We went from a nice autumn to this cold, dark mess, and while that warms our little metal hearts, it is still hard to believe how nice it was just about 48 hours ago.

Three members of the Crew — AmyO, Andrew, Reid — made it out to the ninth annual New Mexico Brew Fest on Saturday at the State Fairgrounds. They could regale you with tales of all the beers they had, but instead we just had the first two send us a bunch of pictures. (Reid doesn’t get down here often enough from Los Alamos, so we just wanted him to enjoy himself and have a day off.) A big thank you to NMBF organizer/founder Kevin Hopper for the passes.

Here are some brighter, sunnier times to help get you all through the week.

The tents were set up along the street …

And in the grassy area near the stage.

Santa Fe brought the beer and the merch.

The Duke City Pedaler made an appearance.

Boxing Bear represented the westside.

Then again, Desert Valley was also the

Source: NM Dark Side Brew Crew

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