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Colorado Beer Girl’s GABF 2018 Recap

The 37th annual Great American Beer Festival is in the books! I say this every year, but I am continually impressed with how well organized this event is. And even with some big changes (read on), it all appeared to run seamlessly.

This year’s space at the Convention Center was a whopping 584,000 square feet, and it was wonderful. It was the most spacious GABF ever; it wasn’t shoulder-to-shoulder, and I never struggled to make my way through too-packed areas. Other than the fact that there truly was so much physical space, I believe another reason for the roominess is the amount of thought that goes into the organization of the breweries. While booths were arranged alphabetically, experience from past GABFs along with predictions on which breweries might expect the biggest crowds certainly played into the location of some of the end booths as to reduce the amount of crowding as much as possible.

Speaking of the booths being alphabetical rather than by geographical region, that was t

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