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Distillery 365 set to also jump into the local brewing scene

A little while back the Crew was contacted by the owners of Distillery 365. As a group we are not adverse to indulging in alcoholic drinks besides just beer, it just tends to be rare and often involve things of an extremely positive (e.g. champagne at a celebration) or extremely negative (e.g. shots of whiskey after one of our teams suffers a crushing defeat) nature. Still, we were intrigued why a distillery would send a message to a bunch of beer writers.

There, lo and behold, in the opening message, was the news that they were planning on brewing, too. Wait, really? A brewery and a distillery all in one? This was something we had to check out. And by we, I mean me, since the best time for co-owners Matt Simonds and Matt Bishop to meet was during the week while the rest of the Crew was either working or on baby duty. So off I went to 2921 Stanford Dr. NE, just south of Candelaria, not far from La Cumbre.

Distillery 365 hopes to be open this year with their own beer and liquor availabl

Source: NM Dark Side Brew Crew

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