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Dogfish Head swims into town earlier than expected

Welcome back, Dogfish Head. We missed you. (Courtesy of Jubilation)

One of the worst-kept secrets of recent beer memory has been that Dogfish Head was coming back to New Mexico. The Delaware brewery was here long ago, but the news that it was returning was circulating throughout the local scene. The only question left was when it would arrive.

Ta-da! That day is today. Dogfish Head six-packs are now available at Jubilation and Total Wine.

The returning of the quirky, award-winning craft brewery will likely generate more hype than Great Divide’s recent return did, or at least that seems to be the case around here. Then again, perhaps in a way Dogfish’s star has dimmed a bit. The Vermont beer scene is the big trend on the East Coast now, and the most hard-core beer geeks we know have been far more keen on getting their hands on brews from Trillium, Tree House, and The Alchemist of late.

Whether or not Dogfish Head still has the cachet around these parts will be determined in sales. The s

Source: NM Dark Side Brew Crew

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