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Dribs and Drams–ROFL edition

Headline: “Hey Look, Someone’s Already Made Beer out of Sewage Water. link

Headline: Who knew Girl Scout Cookies and Beer Paired so Well? link

Gotta be Icelandic: “The beer is flavored with real whale testicles that were smoked in sheep excrement.” link

Article: 11 Common Misconceptions about Beer link

Article: “Professional clown Paul Miller hopes the growing craft brewery industry will allow him to expand his circus business, Circus Mojo in Ludlow (near Cincinnati).” link

Headline: Flaming semi full of beer closes I-76 (in Colorado) link

Slate says hops is killing craft beer. link




Hidden Gems looks at the history of Muncie’s Heorot. link

The Shelf Ice Brewfest is in Michigan City on Feb 7. Be there. link to pre-review

Headline: Why Grease Kills the Head on a Beer link

Headline: The 6 most Expensive American-brewed beers link Three Floyds Barrel-Aged Dark Lord and Murda’d Out Stout tie for 6th at $50.

Travelling? Here’s “The best Beer Gardens in Austra

Source: Indiana Beer

Read the full article here.

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