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Favorite Apps for Beer Lovers

Got to love technology! With so many apps in the marketplace I thought I would go through and list my favorite beer-related apps. Just doing a bland beer search on your iPhone app store brings up thousands of hits. Let’s sort some of these out, here are my go to beer apps:

*Untappd* – the most popular app with most beer lovers. A fun app that ables you to socialize with your fellow beer “friends”. It’s also a great way to see who is drinking around your current area and also gives you a beer recommendation list based on your ratings. Feel free to add me: iabeerbaron

*TapHunter* – only one restaurant/brewery in Iowa City/Cedar Rapids area comes up on TapHunter and that is the Iowa Chop House. By using this app I know all their updated tap lists. This comes handy when traveling to bigger cities and I hope it catches on in the corridor.

*SipSnapp* – love the idea of this app as you can take pictures of a bar’s beer menu and then it provides ratings of those beers with their partner Ratebe

Source: Beer Iowa

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