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Photo courtesy of the Great American Beer Festival’s Facebook page

The Great American Beer Festival is one week away! Whether you’re a GABF newbie or a veteran, this post highlights some of the “can’t miss” booths, areas, and activities at GABF 2017.

But before we get started with what’s actually at the fest, first–get that app:  My GABF App

  • Seriously—download the FREE app. The festival map comes in handy, you can search for particular beers and/or breweries, select beers you want to try, keep track of what you’ve tasted, take GABF selfies, and more. And check out the “Featured Tours,” such as Sour Puss, Dark Vader, Unicorn Beers, etc.  

Welton Street Entrance (new this year)

  • There’s a new entrance this year. It’s at Welton Street. This is the only entrance to the festival (change from last year). Check out this handy map to see where to enter the convention center.

Now, what to expect inside the festival hall:

Breweries at the festival 

  • There are nearly 800 breweries at GABF this year!

Source: Colorado Beer Girl

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