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Firestone Walker Coming To Hawaii in 2017


Yes, you read the headline correctly. One of my favorite breweries, Firestone Walker, is finally coming to Hawaii in early 2017. Firestone is one of the few big players in the craft industry on the West Coast that is not distributed in Hawaii, but that will all change next year.

Details of the launch are still being worked out, but look for a possible January launch of draft with packages following sometime in Spring (March’ish). All of the notable core brands will be showing up including the incredibly crushable IPA, Luponic Distortion. As of right now it appears that Pale 31, a multiple GABF Gold Medal winning Pale Ale, will not make it. There are no details on if or when we’ll see specialty releases from the Proprietor’s Vintage Series, beers like Parabola, Stickee Monkey and the Anniversary Blend.

Full press release below and as soon as I have more details on launch events, I’ll pass along. Do the happy dance, you’ll be drinking Pivo soon (at least I am!).


Source: Beer in Hawaii

Read the full article here.

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