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Following up on the brewery bills at the legislature

Why is there a picture of the Desert Darlings dancing at Tractor with this story? Um, why not?

Greetings, all, hope you had fun on this past sunny weekend. It was a fun time, wasn’t it? I mean, aside from that whole rain of 3-point death by Wisconsin against my Arizona Wildcats (curse you, cheeseheads!), I think just about everyone I know had a pretty good couple of days. Of course good days do not necessarily equal productive days as far as beer writing goes, so as Monday began I realized we didn’t have any fresh content for all of you today. That is kinda dumb on our part since this past week marked the biggest story for page views, single day for page views (doubling our previous high and then some), and thus last week was our biggest week and March is now our biggest month. Phew. Got all that?

So let me say thank you, to all who read our site last week, to those who forwarded the links, or just told folks they had to check ’em out. We appreciate it. None of us are doing this for th

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