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GABF 2019 Planning Guide

Photo courtesy of the Great American Beer Festival website

It’s GABF Week 2019!

We’re just two days away from the 2019 Great American Beer Festival! You’ve got your tickets, and now it’s time to plan! (And if you don’t have tickets already, they are still available for the Thursday and Saturday evening sessions). If you’ve attended the Great American Beer Festival before, you know tackling that many beers can be as overwhelming as it is awesome. With more than 4000 beers from over 800 breweries, going in without a plan is certainly allowed, though not recommendedI’m here to give you the information and tips you need to have the best GABF ever.

First: know before you go. What are some of the highlights of the fest? And what’s new this year?

Event Highlights

Ikon Pass Stage presented by WinterWondergrass®: Located in the Backyard, WinterWondergrass will be presenting three sets of incredible live music per session. Located in the festival hall amidst 800 breweries from across the countr

Source: Colorado Beer Girl

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