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Gamble Mill Restaurant & Microbrewery

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Gamble Mill Restaurant & Microbrewery
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Gamble Mill Restaurant & Microbrewery
Located only minutes from State College and Penn State, The Gamble Mill offers contemporary American Cuisine paired with their own Craft Beer, brewed on premise.
Brewery:Gamble Mill Restaurant & Microbrewery
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Opening Hours:
Monday-Saturday: 11:30-9pm
Sunday: 4-8pm
Features:Brewpub, Food Menu, Entertainment, Merchandise, Physical Store, Tours
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Gamble Mill Restaurant & Microbrewery
Address: 160 Dunlap St,
Pennsylvania 16823,
United States
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Gamble Mill Restaurant & Microbrewery
The Brewery is located on the side of the Gamble Mill where the Amber Room used to reside. Assembly began in early 2010. We acquired a 3.5 barrel(105 gallon) steamfired brewhouse and four 7 barrel(210 gallon) fermenting vessels. We use a wide variety of grains including many different kinds of malted barley (Pale Malt, Pilsner Malt, Marris Otter, Crystal Malt, Chocolate Malt, Roated Barley, etc.) as well as Rye, Oats Wheat, and Corn. In addition to all of our varieties of grain, we are using a w…
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