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Grab Your Passport. We’re Going on a Field Trip!

Flight Rail at Kline’s Beer Hall

2-for-1 drinks: it’s a beautiful thing. Who doesn’t love a great deal?! I know I do, which is why I always carry my Passport. But how you do get free stuff with a passport? What’s that all about? It’s the Denver Winter Passport, and it gets you BOGO drinks at 64 different locations!

As I both live and work in Denver, I don’t often have much time to get out of the city. But when I saw Page 7 of the Denver Passport, I knew that an Olde Town Aravada Field Trip was in order. The Field Trip is comprised of the following four establishments and their respective 2-for-1 offers:

Brussels Sprouts with Green Goddess Aioli at Steubens

A friend agreed to join me on my excursion, and we started charting our course. Since we planned to have a drink at each place, we figured it was in our bes

Source: Colorado Beer Girl

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