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Hawaii’s Certified Cicerones®


Wow how the times have changed. It wasn’t too long ago when there was only one Certified Cicerone® in the state of Hawaii and not really much interest in the program. Fast forward a few years to today and there are 15 Certified Cicerones® and there are dozens more studying for the exam. The huge leap in certifications is really a sign of how much our beer culture here in Hawaii has grown and where it is headed. We’ve got amazing breweries, lots of great beer and a large population that is truly excited about trying new flavors and learning about the art of brewing.

I’ve compiled a list of all 15 of Hawaii’s Certified Cicerones®. They’ve all put in the grueling hours of studying to take and pass the exam (which only 1 in 3 people pass). As more people pass the exam I’ll add them to the list.

Bill Carl Certified Cicerone HawaiiBill Carl
Bill Carl is a Certified Cicerone® and Beer Specialist for Southern Wine & Spirits of Hawaii. He is extremely passionate about beer and food pairings and has written several articles on t

Source: Beer in Hawaii

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