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Holiday Gift Guide for the Beer Lover

Just some of the Maps Glassware products. See #3 on the list for more information.

It’s not too early to get a jump on your holiday shopping. And if your list includes a beer lover or two, take a look at these ideas which are sure to please the beer enthusiast in your life. Or maybe you’d even like to add a little something for yourself! No matter what your price range you can find affordable gifts on this list, from under $15 up to $195. Take a look at all these wonderful gift ideas.

The ManCan

1.) ManCan makes the perfect gift because:

· Take it anywhere! Whether you are tailgating, camping, fishing, or heading to your friends for a BBQ, you will never worry about breaking your growler with the indestructible ManCan.

· Always a Fresh Glass! Never worry about your beer going flat again. In a traditional glass growler, your favorite craft beer goes flat within 1 day of opening it, but ManCan preserves the unique characteristics of the craft beer you sought out to share with friends and

Source: Colorado Beer Girl

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