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Interview: Justin Brouhard – Kohola Brewery

Justin Brouhard Kohola Brewery Maui Hawaii

Kohola Brewery rolled up their doors in late December to an eager audience on Maui and have been slowly expanding their draft accounts around the island. It’s a monumental task to open a brewery anywhere, but in Hawaii it can feel like trying to get to the moon. For co-owner and brew master, Justin Brouhard, the job of brewing the initial batches and getting a new brewery set up meant commuting from California to Maui. The frequent trips and constant communication were not easy, but with the help of newly hired brewer Andrew Brunson from West Sixth in Kentucky, the beers are flowing.

While fellow co-founders Ian Elumba and William Ramirez have permanently relocated to Maui, Brouhard and his wife still reside in California…for now. For now, the team is hyper diligent about communicating everything to each other. I caught up with Justin via email to learn more about his brewing style, how they came up with the initial recipes and his vision for Kohola Brewery.

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