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Interview: Kona Brewing Company President Mattson Davis

Mattson Davis Kona Brewing Company

Where did you grow up?
I grew up in the Pacific NW, specifically Spokane and Portland. In fall 1996 I was managing an independent restaurant chain when Cameron Healy asked if I’d move from Portland to join Kona Brewing Company. They were looking to help grow craft beer awareness in the Islands as well as to open the restaurant part of KBC. At the time, Kona Brewing was solely a brewing facility. I jumped at it, brought my then girlfriend (now wife), with me and we started our family in Kona. They had a great foundation and dream and I was happy to be a part of it 17 years ago and I still am today!

What was your first experience with craft beer?
Living in Portland in the 1990’s was a very exciting time in craft brewing. It was also great training ground for running a restaurant and us restaurant folk stuck together, especially after our shifts. After work, we’d meet for pints at Portland Brewing. My favorite drink combo back then was a pint of Portland Ale at Captain Ankeny’s pub, Cassid

Source: Beer in Hawaii

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